Story2-Emergency and Rapid Response Project 2008/9

Amal A.N. is a 7-year-old female child, lives in Jabalia refugee camp, north to Gaza city. She lives with her family that comprised of eleven member, father, mother and nine brothers and sisters. They all live in a poor conditions; her father don’t have work, because he is sick.     

Like many other Palestinian children in the Gaza strip, Amal has been subject to fear during the latest Israeli war. She has suffered from a post traumatic stress disorder after her friend has been killed in a closed road.

 On 5th April 2009, the child and her mother came to the PTC seeking a help. In accordance with the initial psychological examinations, the child suffered from lack of concentration, bed wetting, night mares, and fear. The mother has reported also that Amal’s educational performance became much lower after her friend has been killed.  

The PTC team interventions were based on individual counseling sessions, play and drawing sessions in the indoor play room aimed to observe her, family counseling at PTC and home visits aimed to instruct her parents in proper ways of dealing their traumatized child; the family showed a positive cooperation with the PTC team and they have completed their assigned tasks on time.

Fortunately, Amal’s psychosocial and psychosomatic concerns have declined after two months of intensive therapy inside and out side PTC; through home visits and family counseling. She became much more oriented and the mother has reported that fear, night mares and bed wetting have almost disappeared. Her mother noticed that she has gradually improved in schooling and the PTC team planned to conduct some site visits to her school as soon as the new school term starts up, probably in the beginning of September 2009, to ensure that she will regain good educational performance than she used in the past (see her photos as shown below).