Story1-Emergency and Rapid Response Project 2008/9

Moien M.E.K. is a 5-year-old male child, lives in El-Zaitoun, east to Gaza city. He lives with his family, father, mother and three brothers, in poor socioeconomic conditions with very limited income, because his father doesn’t work frequently.

Moien suffered from multi-disorders, diagnosed as “Reality Disorders”. Throughout the past year, he has been suffering from this disorder because his brothers were sick and the family gave more attention and care to them. The child found out illness will lead to more family kind and care; he started to claim form unreal illness. He asked many times to enter the hospital and he attempted to harm himself; he wrapped a rope around his neck and he has wounded his arm, also.  

On 9th June, 2009, PTC psychologist conducted a community awareness session in Fatima Al-Zahra’ kindergarten in El-Zaitoun, his mother participated in that session and she has consulted the psychologist on his case. The psychologist advised the mother to attend PTC therapy unit to follow up the case where the psychosocial intervention has started.

Moien and his mother have attended the PTC therapy unit where the psychosocial interventions were based on play sessions in the indoor play room. The PTC team started with several individual plays, drawings and writings to observe his behavior and to enhance his self esteem and confidence.

Then, the PTC team integrated the child in joint activities with his peers where oriented debriefing sessions were conducted with the children aimed at enhancing appropriate behaviors and modifying some thoughts regarding parents’ love. Many home visits were also conducted to counsel his mother in proper psychosocial methods to deal with her child and to minimize any further deterioration.

Fortunately, after conducting play sessions with his peers, family counseling through home visits and phone calls with his mother aimed to follow up the case and to instruct her in dealing with her child, the child showed a satisfactory progress. In the beginning, his interaction with the external surroundings, PTC psychologist and other children, was weak; the psychosocial interventions made the child more active and he has achieved a good psychosocial wellbeing. His mother has reported that Moien started to play with his brothers, participated in playing with his peers outside the home and he has recognized the family attention to his sick brothers was given to minimize their concerns.