1.ECOTS. 6-9 June.2007

(ECOTS, 6-9 June 2007. Opatija, Croatia)

2.Children of war in Palestine.2008

(The International Journal of Evacuee and War Child Studies, 2008)

3.No Space to be a child-English Version

(The International Journal of Evacuee and War Child Studies)

3.1 Spanish Version

3.2 Italian Version on the most popular magazine in Italy

4.Abstract -Abu Dhabi, UAE 18th -22nd February 2008

(Abu Dhabi, UAE 18th -22nd February 2008)

5.Multiple faces of trauma in Palestine-Turkey.2008

(IACAPAP-Istanbul, 30th April-3rd May 2008)

6.GCMHP- WHO on 27th -28 October.2008 (October 2008)

A qualitative study: (GCMHP) &  (WHO) on 27th -28th October, 2008

7.PPDP Workshop-Interpal.June.2008

8. Palestine Trauma Center in a report to the British newspaper (Open Democracy) on the reality of psychological health in Gaza
To view the report click here 

9- Artical(The Effectiveness of Therapeutic and Psychological Intervention Programs in PTC-GAZA” in Journal of Child & Adolescent Trauma)  To view the artical…. click here