Muslim Aid Project

The project mission of the psycho-social support team for victims of the last war on the Gaza Strip

Project identification:

The psycho-social support project for the victims of the last war on Gaza strip is a charitable non-profit-making project that seeks to help Palestinian families who were damaged during the last war on Gaza strip in 2014. The project’s goal is to strengthen the resilience of the Palestinian families and to help them overcome the psychological difficulties they have been through and learn how to meet these challenges.


How the project reinforces the psycho-social resilience of Palestinian families:

The project provides psychological services that strengthen familial resilience in the face of hardship and stress that the Palestinian families live through every day. It does this by teaching psychological coping skills to reinforce a family’s social relationships and by providing relief items such as food parcels and gifts for children. Entertainment and educational activities are organized for the children. Educational and psychological support meetings for parents and school teachers train them in the skills needed to cope with ongoing suffering and insecurity resulting from the last war on Gaza as well as the siege and previous wars.

Project team and psycho-social intervention techniques:

The project’s psycho-social support team consists of a psychologist, a social worker, a psychiatrist and animators. The psycho-social intervention includes field visits to families, performing psychological pre-evaluation, delivering psychological, educational, and entertainment sessions, then performing a final evaluation of the families and follow-up depending on the need of the family or any of its members.

The familial intervention team uses psychological activities and techniques that could help the families cope with stress, conflict or depression. These include Family therapy techniques, Focusing therapy techniques, Mind-body therapy, Play therapy, games and drama activities.

Targeted group:

The groups include families, children and some school teachers who were traumatized by being exposed to horrifying situations during the last war on Gaza strip. The work will be conducted in the middle region and the Northern region of Gaza strip. The team will coordinate with the families for field and home visits.

Project’s duration:

The project’s current duration is one year. We hope that the donors and supporters of the project will continue funding it to ensure the continuity of the psycho-social services we provide to our people in the Gaza strip. This project provides psycho-social activities along with relief services including two food parcels for each family and providing gifts for the children twice throughout the project.

Team Hierarchy:




Muslim Aid  Project

Film: Psychological and social support for victims affected by the 2014 war

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The emergency LED lighting system is a safe alternative that works on batteries.

This project is funded by Muslim Aid in London, Implemented by PTC-Gaza

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Film(Teddy Bears ):Through the psycho-social support project, a number of women were taught how to sewing teddy bears as a simple project to help them support themselves and their families. The teddy bears was distributed to the beneficiaries of the project from the category of children

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Film (Food Parcels):The project’s achievements were also in the distribution of food parcels to a large number of beneficiaries

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The achievements of the project have been successful stories with some beneficiaries affected by the war, including wounded “Mahmoud Sukkar”

The film :presents the story of success with the victim, Mahmoud Sukkar, who is affected by the war and how the psycho-social support project helped him overcome this trauma through psycho-social support sessions, some  activities and simple aids such as gifts for children,food parcel and LED.

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Photo file for The psycho-social support project activities…Click here to view

Photos file for The psycho-social project activities (April 2018 – December 2018)…. Click here to view


Project reports

Final report: Psycho social support project from 10/04/2015 to 31/03/2016