Friday of Joy

Friday of joy initiative : Its a youth initiative that seeks to draw a smile on the children’s lips by conducting educational and entertaining activities within Gaza strip’s camps and neighborhoods. The initiative’s team consists of specialists in fields of active dram and music, where the team executes four parties each month.

The Friday of joy initiative’s activities started in 1\7\2014, and it will go on for a year, the total number of beneficiaries is 25737 children, parents, and foster teachers.

The activities executed by the team have entertaining, educational, and supportive concepts for the children and their families, the team also presented theatric activities by performing meaningful theater shows that contribute to the relief of the trauma’s effects those children have lived through during the war.

Coordination mechanism: The team coordinates with the neighborhood’s committees in Gaza strips camps whereas the activities get executed in the camp while the families participate with their children in the activities.

Activities nature: The activities rely on moving with music and releasing negative energies in a joyful atmosphere, and the team executes activities and games like(moving hoops, jumping rope, running with bags, theater shows about activeness and loving school, shows about dangerous places),after finishing the activities, the team forms a train of joy where the children would lineup like a train that drives through the neighborhood’s streets in a joyful atmosphere.

Volunteers: The initiative activities attracted a lot of young people by inspiring the volunteering spirit within them whereas the team receives so many volunteers.

Facebook: After finishing the activities, the team publishes pictures of the children on the Friday of joy initiative’s webpage which had led to draw a lot of attention to the activities. A lot of massages were received through this page inquiring about the places of the next activities so that the children could participate in them.

Team Hierarchy:

Friday of joy initiative Annual Report 2016 :

Friday Of Joy Annual Report 2016