Focusing Project

What is Focusing

Focusing shows how to pause the on-going situation and create a space for new possibilities for carrying forward. This practice, developed from the Philosophy of the Implicit, shows how to apply open attention to something which is directly experienced but is not in words.

Your body knows more about situations than you are explicitly aware of. For example, your body picks up more about another person than you consciously know.

The Focusing Institute offers many resources, including well-developed instructions for accessing this bodily knowing. Focusing site allows exploration of the first steps for newcomers, a library, a Children Focusing section, and resources for experienced Focusers.

Focusing is supported by a long series of operational research studies conducted first by Gene Gendlin and colleagues at the University of Chicago and now internationally.

The following detail is presentation wich includes elements of Focusing project  which implemented from Palestine Trauma Center:


First of all, the objective of the program:

Focus program aims to enable participants to develop their skills & abilities with focusing in order to have reciliency.

 This program will help participants to:

– To recognize and trust the connotations and meanings that perceived through the physical senses.

– To listen to their feelings of physical individuals on a daily basis.

– That you understand that sense of emotional felt sense carries the story.

– Allow the difficulties and sorrows and feelings horrible and angry, like the happy feelings and attractive enough to take share and time to express themselves.

– To be more able to cope with difficult feelings and with the pressures in your life.

– To understand how important it is to accept yourself and others.

– To build a better relationship with yourself and with others.

– To strengthen the self as a person Samudk supportive of others and also in directing the course of your personal life.

– To focus better on what you are doing.


Focusing project in Gaza

In  the beginning  we started our work of focusing in 2011 as focusing group we started to held focusing sessions with stakeholders as volunteers, in May 2014 we started new project for focusing in Gaza with three new members with focusing group who’s name are (Noha karsh_Hadeel Bdeer_Iman Mattar).

In this project we implement 10 sessions with stakeholders per a week in individual & group sessions, our target group is (children _adults_ &family),the common psychology & social problem we face with stakeholders especially during war such as (anxiety_ sadness _ pessimistic _anger _shame _fear).

The stakeholders in project until now during five months (2026) (female 1061)(male 965)

We prepared  Manual of focusing sessions with supervisors of dr Mohmed Tawil, Marry Gennings, Jerry Conowey, Rene Vugleres.

The manual consists of 10 sessions which contain subjects such as (Quality of good listening of ourselves &others, distancing, reflecting back, differences between thinking &feeling ,resiliency, symbols & image, Teddy bear, needs &feeling, trust &emotions &finally sessions of evaluation.

Team Hierarchy:



Focusing Project

The Film:       “I don’t wait for death, but I seek life”

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The Film: Start the implementation of the focus program to strengthen personal and social resilience through a British and Irish delegation to the Palestine Trauma Center for shock in Gaza in January 2012.

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The film: Reflecting the journey of the focus program in Gaza and its role in supporting the psychological and social steadfastness of the Palestinian people throughout successive wars.

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Photo file for The Focusing Project activities (May 2014 – May 2015)…..Click here to view

Photo file for The Focusing Project activities (May 2015 – April 2016)…..Click here to view

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Project reports

Final report:   2015           Click here to view the report

Final report:   2016               Click here to view the report

Final report :  June 2017      Click here to view the report

Final report : July 2017- June 2018  Click here to view  the report