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Wednesday 3/6/2015

“The psycho-social project’s team executed an educational session for parents about mental pressures and how to deal with them, the activity was executed at Childhood and Palestinian family services association on Wednesday 3/6/2015, among the activities of the psycho-social support project, funded by Muslim aid-Britain”

Thursday 28-05-2015

Family Therapy & Community team and participated with Friday of joy initiative team, implemented entertaining activities for Al-Awaal Children’s kindergarten in Nusirate refugee camp.

this Project Funded By Interpal

Tuesday 26-05-2015

Psycho-social project team – Palestine trauma Centre-Gaza- executed an educational session for the school teachers in eastern Gaza, among the Psycho-social support projects’ activities, funded by the Muslim Aid -Britain”.

Monday 25-05-2015

Within Family and Community Therapy project Funded by Interpal , with participation of FCT , and Friday of joy Initiative teams , PTC implemented Entertaining day to ” Palestinian Family support Association ” Children’s in Der Al-Bahah city .


The Psycho-social support for the victims of the last war” on Gaza strips’ project have commenced in April 2015, Funded by Muslim Aid charity in Britain, and executed by Palestine Trauma Center (PTC-Gaza), the project seeks to strengthen the resilience of the Palestinian families and to help them overcome the psychological difficulties they have been through, and learn how to meet these challenges by providing relief activities (Food parcels and gifts for children) along with; Field visits to execute psycho-social activities with the targeted family members, providing fun and educational activities for the children, and providing educational and psychological support meetings for parents and school teachers to train them in the skills needed to cope with ongoing suffering and insecurity resulting from the last war on Gaza as well as the siege and previous wars. We will work in Gaza city, the middle region and the Northern region of Gaza strip.
As a mean of support for the Palestinian family, we delivered the first food parcel to the target families.”


Wednesday 18-03-2015

Family Therapy Team Held Meeting yesterday with group of Journalist in ” Press Home – Palestine ” Gaza city , the meeting was about Trauma and give them some guidelines on how to deal with the traumatic events.


Tuesday 17-03-2015

Palestine Trauma Centre implemented a joy day for kids of Afaq kindergarten in Nusirate camp middle of Gaza strip yesterday .




Entertaining Day for kids “Palestine tomorrow” school

Implementation of a recreational activity for the children of Palestine school tomorrow, was applied to many recreational and refresher activities.