Fahkora Student’s Support

Project identification: It is a social and psychological support project for Alfakhora students executed by Palestine trauma center (PTC) in partnership with NUTUF association, and funded by: UNDP, Islamic bank for development and Alfakhora scholarship. The project’s duration is five months from 1/11/2014 to 31/3/2015; it targets 270 students from Alfakhora scholarship’s students all around Gaza strip through executing social and psychological support sessions.

Project Objectives:

The project help relieving the social and psychological pressures and desperation that students have suffered and still suffer from by applying social and psychological interventions through a set of psychological activities with the targeted group, and rehabilitate them, and reinforce their psychological steadfastness within themselves and with the surrounding environment, along with:

  • Help the participants in psychological preparation and learning self-psychological care (self confidence-self actualization).
  • Provide the students with problem solving skills and a good future planning.
  • Reinforce the Youth’s positive behaviors and concepts, and alter their negative behaviors, feelings and thoughts.
  • Teach the students the prefect techniques for psychological relief.
  • Identify sources of pressures and desperation that students face and contribute to decreasing their effects.
  • The team will also work on executing an open day for all of the project’s participants, and intervene with cases that need deep individual interventions.

Alfakhora project identification: it is a scholarships program executed by NUTUF association and young men’s Christian association-Jerusalem in cooperation with the UNDP, funded by Alaqsa fund, her highness Sheikha Moza’s office-Alfakhora campaign in Qatar, and the Islamic bank for development in Jeddah.

The program seeks targeting college students who are in need, and provide them with a set of scholarships and training courses and local psycological activities.