Child Holland


Palestine Trauma Center(PTC) is conducting a project for providing child protection and psychosocial support for vulnerable children in Gaza, which is funded by War Child Holland institution and taking place jointly with three partners: Gaza Community Mental Health Program (GCMHP), Basma Society for Culture and Arts and Community Training Center and Crisis Management ( CTCCM).


This project aims to provide gender-sensitive child protection and essential psychological support for displaced and severely traumatized children and their parents by creating ch

ild-friendly safe spaces and providing the wider displaced community with information on how to enhance the protection of the children in their community .

The project provides psycho-social services through PTC staff in 3 targeted areas (Beit Lahia, Beit Hanoon, Khanyones) at 3 CBOs . PTC’s intervention includes many activities to build the capacity of psychosocial professionals working in line with partner organizations on how to deal with children in child friendly spaces by empowering the resources in the CBOs.

The project provides psychosocial support sessions focusing on three areas:  first, conducting group sessions with children; second, implementing joint psychological support sessions, which includes children and their mothers; third, introducing psycho-education sessions to fathers. Severely traumatized children will be referred to the therapeutic unit at PTC-Gaza. This unit includes psychologists and a psychiatrist.

The project aims to protect children by providing them with psychosocial support to enable them to cope with their difficulties and to gain new skills. In addition, those children who live in the most marginalized and poor locations in the Gaza Strip, will learn how to build healthy relationships with their peers and adults.

The number of beneficiaries during the first phase of this project was about 159 vulnerable children, 93 mothers and 75 fathers. Now, PTC-Gaza is preparing for the second phase of the project which will be started in February 2015.