Annual Narrative Report 2009

 PTC Projects and Programs

Project  Start Date  End Date  Donor 
Rapid Response & Psychosocial Rehabilitation of Gaza War’s Victims 31/12/2008 31/07/2009 Muslim Aid – UK
PTC Furnishing Project Jan. 2009 Dec. 2009 Muslim Aid – UK
Psychosocial Support Fund Jan. 2009 July 2009 Abroad Charity Persons
Psychosocial Support for Children in the Gaza Strip July 2009 June 2010 Muslim Aid &Interpal – UK
Child Friendly Educational Spaces April 2009 June 2009 Save the Children US
Ramadan & Eid Charity Project Aug. 2009 Sept. 2009 Interpal – UK
Ramadan Charity Project Aug. 2009 Sept. 2009 Muslim Aid – UK
Al-Adha Eid Project – 2009 24/11/2009 24/12/2009 Muslim Aid – UK
Al-Adha Eid Project 24/11/2009 24/12/2009 Interpal – UK


 2Rapid Response & Psychosocial Rehabilitation of Gaza War’s Victims

PTC has received a grant of 50,000 £ (272,400 $) from Muslim Aid – UK to implement the rapid response project as soon as the Israeli war launched on the Gaza strip. The project aimed at providing the war victims with relief, health and psychosocial and recreational activities, especially after dramatic deterioration of humanitarian, socioeconomic and psychological conditions. 60195  children and parents have benefited from the project, from 31st December 2008 to 31st July 2009; activities were implemented in Gaza north, middle area and Gaza city throughout three phases:

2.1.1 Activities of the first phase were implemented during the war through forming two therapeutic units at Al-Shifa in Gaza and Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ hospitals in Deir El-Balah as well as serving people who were displaced to adjacent UNRWA schools with relief, health, counseling, educational, recreational activities and psychosocial supports. 21574 children, youth, men, women and elderly people have approached by the activities.

2.1.2 After the war phased out, activities of the second phase were implemented in different locations in the Gaza strip such as Gaza city, northern area (Beit Lahia, Attatra and Salateen) and Gaza middle area (Juhr El-Deik, Moghraqa and Nusseirat). The activities were based on psychosocial rehabilitation of the war victims through field visits to schools and kindergartens, recreational activities, awareness raising sessions with school teachers and parents in dealing with children in stressful conditions. 31076 children, parents and teachers have benefited and many traumatized cases, especially children, were referred to PTC for further psychosocial interventions.

2.1.3 Activities of the third phase aimed at dealing with cases referred to PTC therapeutic unit that was operated by a psychiatrist, four psychologists and two social workers. Most of cases were identified in the second phase, subjected to direct traumas during the war and majority of them dwell in marginalized areas closed to the Israeli borders. 2545 have benefited from the psychosocial services in that phase (230 children, 195 women, 70 men and 250 families).

 PTC Furnishing Project

The PTC furnishing project was carried out in 2009 and funded from Muslim Aid with a grant of 73371.2 NIS from Muslim Aid – UK. The project aimed to equip and furnish properly the PTC to carry out its activities for traumatized people, especially children, as a result of the latest war on the Gaza strip where many traumatic cases increased.

In the past year, PTC has rented two flats in Gaza city. The first flat contains the PTC board office, Projects’ unit, Media & PR unit, psychosocial support, meeting hall and a computer lab; the latter was funded by an external donor. The second flat used for the therapy & counseling unit; contains Media & PR office, training hall, two counseling rooms and indoor play room; the latter was furnished by external donor, also.

Many furniture; desks, chairs, filling cabinets, tables, curtains and carpets as well as equipment desk tops, printers, scanners, hard and software were purchased. The project covered also running costs, water, electricity, communication expenses and the secretary salary in the past year. 

 2.3 Psychosocial Support Fund:

The project has been carried out from 1st January to 31st July 2009, in Gaza city, northern area and Gaza middle (Moghraqa and Juhr El-Deik). It was funded by several aboard charity persons, 300£ per month, and aimed at supporting children and families in who have been subjected to psychosocial traumas and socioeconomic burdens caused by the Israeli occupation and stressful conditions. Six children and their family members have benefited from symbolic monthly cash and psychosocial support sessions.

Beneficiaries were selected as the mostly affected ones through case studies, individual and family interviews and evaluations. The project activities were based on:

Home visits and family psychosocial support sessions.

The child and his family visit the center and being integrated in some activities.

The child participated in recreational activities such as trips and festivals.

Awareness sessions were held with parents, especially in dealing with children in stressful conditions.

The child being integrated in social activities; at school or with his/her peers.

Follow up child’s educational performance and encourage teacher to integrate the child in non-curriculum activities.

PTC supported financially the child and his/her family to overcome the current socioeconomic situations.  

 2-4Psychosocial Support for Children in Gaza Strip

The project started on 1st July 2009 and will be ended on 30th June 2010; implemented in Gaza north and the middle area. The project aimed at providing psychosocial, counseling, recreational and preventive activities for the children as well as training of project and local CBO’s staffs working in psychosocial fields. The project is funded by Muslim Aid and Interpal – UK and implemented in partnership with Al-Wedad Society for Community Rehabilitation.

In the past six month 4041 children, parents and adults have benefited form the project activities with a total cost of £133670  The project main activities represented in the past six months are; training of 12 project staff on Individual and group counseling methodologies, diagnosis and referral mechanisms, debriefing and recreational techniques (CBI), awareness sessions with parents on dealing with children under stressful conditions, recreational activities such as weekly trips, festivals open days. Up-to-date, 2625 female and male children, 1396 parents and 20 local CBO’s staff were trained. The project activities have helped in reducing psychosocial consequence of trauma affected children and their families, especially after the latest war on the Gaza strip.  

 Child Friendly Educational Spaces

This three-month project, from 1st April to 30th June 2009, was funded by Save the Children US   with a total cost of 23926 NIS. 7240  have benefited from the project activities that aimed at training of kindergartens’ governesses in Gaza city and northern governorates and awareness of preschool children’ parents in the Gaza strip.

40 kindergartens’ governesses were trained on the children’ psychosocial problems, enhancing the children psychological needs and dealing with children after the latest war on the Gaza strip. 7200 preschool children’ parents participated in awareness sessions on trauma, features and dealing with children under stressful conditions.  

 Ramadan Charitable Project

The project was implemented during the holly month of Ramadan, from 11th August to 20th September 2009; funded by Interpal – UK with a total cost of 60139 NIS. 1023 have benefited from this project in Gaza city, middle and northern governorates. The project aimed at providing the neediest families and children in the holly month of Ramadan with food parcels, Eid sweets and school bags to overcome their financial burdens caused by poverty, unemployment, siege and the Israeli occupation. 

PTC implemented that project in cooperation with the Palestinian Sudents’ Care Association and Nour El-Ma’refa Charitable Society and aimed at helping the Palestinian community in the Gaza strip through:

Food parcels: 50% of the grant.

818 school bags were distributed. 

71 Eid sweets and gifts were distributed to children with cancer at Nasser Pediatric Hospital in Gaza city. 

2.7 Ramadan Charitable Project

The project was funded by Muslim Aid – UK with a total cost of 12,000 NIS; implemented in Gaza city, middle and northern governorates; from 1st to 24th September 2009. 115 families have benefited form the project that aimed at providing poor and neediest families with humanitarian assistance, food parcels, and to help these families to overcome their socioeconomic burdens in the holly month of Ramadan, especially after the latest war on the Gaza strip.

2.8 Al-Adha Eid Project

The project was funded by Muslim Aid – UK with a total cost of 18,195 NIS; implemented in Al-Adha Eid, from 24th November to 24th December 2009. 320 meat parcels, 1 Kg. each, were distributed to families in Gaza city and middle governorate; aimed to help poor and neediest Palestinian families in Al-Adha Eid, especially in the current socioeconomic conditions where poverty and unemployment raised.

2.9 Al-Adha Eid Project (2)

The project was funded by Interpal – UK with a total cost of 24,261 NIS; implemented in Gaza city, middle and northern governorates, from 24th November to 24th December 2009. 477 families have benefited from the project that aimed at helping poor Palestinian families in the Gaza strip in Al-Adha Eid through providing these families with meat parcels, one kilogram each, and Eid gifts. The project was implemented in cooperation with UNRWA schools and several CBO’s.

3-Training & Capacity Building

Training Course  Date  Trainer  Number of Trainees 
Mind & Body Training Course 10/04 – 15/04/2009 Int’l Mind & Body Team Executing team (5)
Stress Management of Health & Community Mental Health Staffs 02/05/2009 Dr. Arshad Hussein – USA 43 Trainees
Trauma & Ways of Intervention 20/05/2009 Dr. Ja’far Qurashi – UK 22 Trainees
Proposal Writing & Reporting June 2009 Dr. Wael Thabet PTC Admin. & Executing Staffs (13)
Philosophy of Mind-Body Training 01/07 – 01/08/2009 Mr. Ahmed Thabet 9 Women
Training of Local CBO’s & Partners in the Intervention Methodologies 08/08 – 12/08/2009 Training Team 20 Trainees
Animation Techniques & Intervention and Support Methodologies 16/08 – 26/08/2009 Training Team 18 Trainees
English Training Course August 2009 Mr. Yousef Hamdouna PTC Admin (11)
Mind & Body Training 16/11 – 20/11/2009 Int’l Mind & Body Team PTC Executing Team (5)


The PTC cooperated with many governmental, non-governmental, international and UN agencies in the Gaza Strip with the aim of providing better services, exchanging experiences, building capacities and avoiding duplication of services provided on the ground. Key partnerships between PTC and other agencies are outlined below:

Organization Partnership Objectives Projects / Activities Donor
UNRWA Implementing activities at UNWRA schools PSS and recreational activities to displaced children and families during the war Muslim Aid (2009)
Save the Children – US – KG governesses’ training- Parents’ awareness sessions Safe free places for children Save the Children – US
Center of Mind-Body Medicine – US – Training on skills of Mind-Body Medicine Training of mental health staff on Mind-Body skills Center of Mind-Body Medicine – US
Doctors of the World – Spain 3 PTC staff were trained on Clinical Intervention Training of mental health staff on Clinical Intervention Doctors of the World – Spain
Mercy Corps – Capacity building for Mercy Corps staff- Referral of cases for PSS at PTC Emergency Psychosocial Support in the Gaza Strip Mercy Corps
The Palestinian Ministry of Health – Training of MoH staff Joint training of MoH and local NGOs staff on Trauma Intervention PTC and Muslim Aid
Gaza Community Mental Health Program (local NGO) – Staff training 3 of PTC psychologists were trained Gaza Community Mental Health Programme
Nor El-Marefah Charitable Society (local NGO) – Activities Implementation- Capacity Building – School bags project- Ramadan charitable project- Joint training for staff – Inter Pal- Muslim Aid (2008/09)
The Palestinian Students’ Care Association (local NGO) – Activities Implementation- Exchange experiences – School bags project- Parents’ training – Inter Pal- Muslim Aid (2008/09)
Al-Wedad Society for Community Rehabilitation (local NGO) – Activities Implementation- Exchange experiences – School bags  project- Ramadan charitable project- PSS for children – Inter Pal- Muslim Aid (2008/09)

 5Successful Hints

PTC had membership in the UNICEF coordination committee.

PTC had membership in the National Protection Network.

International experts visited PTC; trained and supported staffs.

Many governmental and nongovernmental representatives visited PTC.

The local community showed positive indicators towards PTC activities.

Many parents attended PTC to follow up their children.

Parents showed a positive participation in many workshops and awareness sessions.

Children attended of activities conducted by PTC.

The PTC team has experienced working under pressure.

Extra cases were referred to the PTC.

The PTC received more funds in 2009.

Local, regional and international media agencies covered PTC activities.

  6Future Aspiration

To include more beneficiaries, especially traumatized children, within the PTC activities and programs, because traumatized children has increased.

To recruit more staff working in the psychosocial fields.

To build capacities and improve performance of the PTC staff.

To broad networking and cooperation with local, regional and international in planning policies to widen psychosocial field in the Gaza strip.

To establish a specialized community psychosocial unit to resume intervention with referred cases.    

7- Challenges

The continuous siege imposed in the Gaza strip reduced many logistic supplies for the psychosocial interventions.

As a result of the latest war and the continuous Israeli aggression, the number traumatized people have dramatically increased.

Symptoms of trauma have been developed to psychological disorders.

Necessity to expand the rapid response team and to develop its professional capacities.

Continuous and urgent requests from local NGO’s for psychosocial interventions.

Urgent need to establish a specialized psychosocial therapy unit.

Financial burdens have been increased on the PTC, because of the community needs to psychosocial support services.

Needs to open new branches to facilitate services provided to the local communities in the Gaza strip.

Needs to an independent recreational space for children within PTC.

8- Lessons Learnt

PTC staffs have gained good experience in proposal writing and to implement activities and programs in accordance with needs of the community. We have found out that working with children is a priority where most of them in need to develop their abilities and creativity.

Keeping a good relationship with community pioneers and local NGO’s.

PTC staffs have gained some skills, such as working under pressure, problem solving, leadership skills and some personal development.

Executing activities with minimum human and financial recourses.

The PTC staff gained some financial skills and their supporting documents.

Some public relation and communication skills were also developed.

The necessity to carry out a diploma on Clinical Psychiatry. 

Partnership with other NGO’s achieves more success.

Voluntary work within the Palestinian community in the Gaza strip has been enhanced.