Annual Narrative Report 2008

The report’s introduction

Our aim is to help the Palestinian people through humanitarian intervention, but we also hope that our methods will be adapted for use throughout the Arab world and even beyond. The centre does not discriminate between groups, but helps all people in need. It often works in dangerous areas and is engaged in assisting relief efforts in poorer communities. It uses a range of different therapies to enable people to support themselves and each other at difficult times. Culural activities such as theatre and painting – and even entertainment professionals – are organised to help children in particular. Because it has a focus on community, it also looks at local administration and tries to work with officials in the northern and mid areas of Gaza where the communities are most exposed to the violence resulting from the occupation.                                                   

Implemented projects programs and activities:

 Project 1

– Project NameFurnishing Palestine Trauma Centre Project.

– Date of Implementation: From 15\1\2008 to 30\12\2008 (still going on)

– Place of Implementation: Palestine Trauma centre.

– Number of beneficiaries: more than tens of thousands children and adults

– Financing authority: Muslim Aid (UK)

– Number of employees and workers: administration board without salary.

– Budget: £24,718

– The general objective: Furnishing Palestine Trauma Centre with specialized equipment for work.

– The nature of project: It consists of two apartments in one building:

Apartment number (1)

This is a leased apartment consisting of administration room, office for receptionist and secretary, project unit, information and public relations unit, social & psychological support unit, meetings hall, kitchen and bathroom.

The apartment is equipped with the following: office chairs, carpets, chairs, tables, computers, cupboards, photocopy machine, printers, air condition, curtains, LCD, kitchen tools, office furniture, gas stove and stationery.

Apartment number (2)

This contains the therapy and psychological units consisting of a media and public relations room, training hall, counseling room, therapy with playing hall, therapy unit and kitchen.

The apartment is equipped with the following: office furniture, chairs, tables, computers printers, carpets, gas stove, kitchen tools and stationery.


Palestine trauma centre for Victims welfare (PTC) was equipped with all the equipment needed to be able to serve the Palestinian community effectively.

Project 2

-Name of the project: Psycho-Social Family Support Project.

– Date of implementation: From 1\1\2008 to 30\12\2008 (still going on).

– Place of implementation: Al-Moghragah, Johor Al-Deek (Gaza, North Gaza).

-Number of beneficiaries: six children and their families.

– Finance: sponsor from the UK

Number of employees and workers: Two volunteers (psychologist and social worker).

– Budget: £300 per – month

General objective

To provide psycho-social support for the families suffering from trauma resulting from the effects of the occupation.

Nature of the Project

The Psycho-social support project deals with the broad population spread across Gaza’s five governorates whose homes have been destroyed and land bombed into craters. Their abnormal and tragic lives have ongoing psychological effects on children and families. Relations within families become strained; school performance is impaired and general health becomes worse through sleep deprivation and lack of nutrition.

-The centre produces diagnostic profiles on these families in all parts of the Gaza strip  revealing the most damaged groups within an area. A process is followed which determines the selection of techniques needed to help particular groups.  Each person is interviewed to assess their specific needs, which might include individual or group counselling. Here is an outline of the procedure:

1. Field visits to determine the psycho-social support needed in the family milieu where the child lives.

2. Child and the family visits to the centre to assess important changes in the child’s character. Introducing the child to some activities organised by the centre’s specialists.

3. Encouraging the child and the family to participate in the centre’s entertainment activities such as journeys and celebrations.

4. Organizing workshops for the children’s families on how to deal with their children in the crisis, taking into account the developmental features of children.

5. Integrating these and other therapies with the children’s normal social life at school, in the street and with others in the neighbourhood.

6. Following up academic achievement and urging teachers to join the child in non-curricula activities such as scouting teams, student parliament and other activities.

7. Supporting the child and family financially to meet the child’s primary needs and implementing small projects for the child to feel able to enjoy life normally and without fear. Also, fostering the child’s talents.


Guaranteeing six children and their families who suffer from psychological trauma ongoing professional psycho-social support month by month.

Project 3

Project title: Emergency and Rapid Response Project North Gaza post Incursion 2008.

Date of implementation: From 15\2\2008 to 30\4\2008.

Place of implementation: Middle governorate (Johor Al-Deek, East Maghazi, Al-Moghragah, and Nuseirat) North Governorate (Izbet Abdraboh).

Number of beneficiaries: 1,110 beneficiaries (children, adults, residents).

Finance authority: Muslim Aid & Interpal foundation (UK).

Number of employees: 12 psychologists, activators, and volunteers.

Budget: £12,000

General Objective: To offer a psycho-social rapid response program, in the North and Middle Governorates of Gaza.

Nature of project:

This project includes three domains integrated to achieve a successful program:

-Practical Relief Programs,

-Entertainment Programs

-Cultural Programs

The ultimate goal of these programs is to render psycho-social support for the children in many areas like Izbet Abdraboh East Jabalia and the areas of  Johor Al-Deek , Al-Moghragah , East Burei camp east Maghazi Camp. These areas are located in the middle area of the Gaza Strip, where Palestinians experience especially  hard psychological , social and economic conditions.


About (2855) children and students who were exposed psychological shocks, resulted from Israeli shilling for their schools and nearby places benefited from the entertainment program for children and their families.

(630) parents benefited from the cultural program for parents benefited from the cultural program for traumatized children families.

Project 4

Project Title: Therapy based on the Internet through Berlin Treatment Centre for Torture Victims.

Date of implementation: From 1/5/2008 to 30/12/2008 (still going on).

Place of implementation: Palestine and the world.

Number of beneficiaries: All those who ask for the service.

Finance authority: self financing (obtaining authority to put links on the web site).

Number of working staff: (psychologists & psychiatrics) Arab and others)

Budget: Self-financing.

Nature of project

The project is supervised by a group of international psychiatrics and social workers experienced in psychological intervention through this technique. The idea of this project is to treat each case by using the internet within five weeks where sessions take place between a psychiatric expert(Arab or other), followed up by psychologist in the area. The sessions between the psychiatrist and the patient are secret. This technique is applied in cooperation with the Berlin Anti-violence and Trauma Centre, Germany.


ٍSixty cases who are in need of psychological assistance and support benefited from the project in Gaza this year Many institutions have asked to become acquainted with this service wish to exchange experiences.

Project (5)

Project Name: Distributing school bags, or Poor Students Project.

Date of implementation: From 11/9/2008 to 15 9/2008.

Place of implementation: Gaza&Middle governorates.

Number of beneficiaries: Local community.

Number of staff🙁 Arab/Foreign psychologists and psychiatrics).

Budget: Local community financing, Top Line Company.

Nature of the Project

The centre received (550) school bags from the Top Line company. The bags were distributed to the poor students directly. Fifty bags were given to the Palestinian Student Welfare Association to be distributed to poor students.


ًStudents were greatly encouraged after the 550 bags had been distributed and became more motivated to continue their studies. The operation improved coordinating activities between the Centre and schools and universities.

Project (6)

Project Name: Establishing computer lab and gymnasium for Palestine Trauma Centre.

Date of implementation: From 1/5/2008 to 30 /10/2008

Place of implementation: Palestine Trauma Centre.

Number of beneficiaries: All children who often visit the centre.

Finance authority: Interpal Foundation.

Number of staff: Four psychologists.

Budget: £10,000

Nature of the project

The main objective of the gymnasium is to identify psychological disorders and then provide entertainment and other psycho-social support for children who often visit the Centre.  It contains variety of games: structured drama games, music games, sporting games, drawing and painting therapy, media games using tape recorders, videos, etc and other electronic games. There is a physician corner, a carpentry corner, and a puppet theatre. Activities involving work with animals provide a very successful therapy and organised trips to the sea give children excitement and freedom within a safe and supervised environment.

The computer lab consists of eight computer sets connected to the internet, which serves the rapid response team, and university students who specialize in psychology or sociology and the cases that are treated by psychological institutions via the internet.


The gymnasium has served 600 children and the computer lab has helped 154 students and employees so far.

Project (7)

   Project Title: Ramadan charitable project and the Feast’s gifts. 

– Date of implementation: From 18\9\2008 to 30\9\2008.

– Place of implementation: Middle and Gaza governorates.

– Number of beneficiaries: 500 beneficiaries.

– Financing authority: Interpal Foundation (UK).

– Number of employees: Twelve volunteers.

– Budget: £10,000

The nature of the project:

The project is implemented by (PTC) sharing with (the Palestinian Student Care Society, Al-Wedad Society for Community Rehabilitation, Knowledge Charitable Society). The project was implemented aiming to give direct and immediate aid to the Palestinian community as follows:

50 food parcels 10% feast gifts and 40% cash assistance Zakat, from the total sum of £2,500 for each society and PTC assigned 10% of the feast gift to arrange an entertainment and ceremony for the presentation of gifts, sweets and other items to handicapped children.


Food parcels from the supermarket, cash assistance and the distributing of gifts and sweets for children were accomplished.

Project (8)

Project title: Training associates and members of the centre project.

Date of implementation: from 15\8\2008 to 20\8\2008.

Place of implementation: Middle governorate and Gaza governorate.

Number of beneficiaries: Twenty beneficiaries.

Finance authority: Personal effort, without Budget and volunteer training from the administration board.

Budget: self financing.

Nature of the project

The project is a training course for two weeks implemented by (PTC) and a group of experts to develop the centre’s staff in the psychological field concluding with a participants’ certificates ceremony.


The training of twenty psychologists, psychiatrics and social workers with administrative as well as counselling skills.

 Project (9)

Project title: Ramadan charitable project 2008.

Date of implementation: From 26/8/2008 to 27/9/2008.

Place of implementation: Middle and Gaza governorates.

Number of beneficiaries: 170 beneficiaries.

Finance authority: Muslim Aid Foundation(UK).

Number of employees: Three volunteers.

Budget: £2,000

Nature of the project

The project is a charitable project financed by the Islamic Aid foundation aiming to assist poor people in Gaza Strip governorate. Assistance is distributed for 170 beneficiaries in Gaza and Middle governorates.


The sample of 170 families was selected from Middle and Gaza governorates in order to assist them financially, psychologically and socially.

Project (10)

Project title: Distributing the sacrifice feast sacrifices project.

Date of implementation: From 1st December t2008 to 15th December 2008.

Place of implementation: Middle &Gaza governorates.

Number of beneficiaries: 180 families

Finance Authority: Islamic Aid Foundation Britain.

Budget: £1,030

Nature of the project

Gaza is passing through abnormal economic conditions resulting from the siege and closure that led to severe economical recession, unemployment, increasing rates of poverty and high prices.  With the arrival of the Al-Adha feast and it is hard for most families to meet all the feast demands especially with shortage of basic food items and increasingly high prices.

Therefore, the centre has provided assistance for the families through the Sacrifice Project within the allocated budget to try to reduce their suffering and enable them to celebrate the feast properly. Sacrifices were distributed to180 families from Gaza, Middle&North governorates (each family a kilo of meat).


The centre provided relief assistance so that 180 families were able to celebrate the feast and improve their morale and sense of family and community cohesion. It is vital that these normal ceremonial occasions are maintaintained because they enhance the psychological health of the whole community.

Other Activities Accompanying the Project

 Course  Date  Objectives Number of Trainees
Course of rapid research by participating children exposed to danger 9/11/2007To27/2/2008 Training on rapid research by participating children exposed to danger. Developing rapid response team by giving  them new techniques in dealing with children 16PsychologistsSocial




Psychodrama  March2008  Emotional Debriefing 15Psychologists
Course of mind and body philosophy 1\6\2008To30\6\2008 Debriefing 7 ladies
Training Gaza Mental Health Programme 2\6\2008To21\10\2008 Developing working staff abilities, drawing therapy Three psychologists
Course of activation techniques and mechanism of intervention and support 16\8\2008To 20\8\2008 Teaching psychologists techniques of active learning and developing skills Eleven participants
Course of mind and body philosophy 1\10\2008to30/10/2008


Debriefing Seven ladies
Course of psychosocial support programs and achieves 9\11\2008 Developing rapid response team abilities and using psychosocial support techniques Eleven participants

 Success Indicators

– The presence of governmental and national institutions and representatives to get acquainted with centre’s pioneer experience.

– Appearance of positive indicators in the local community towards the centre and its program.

– People’s attendance to follow up their children’s activities.

– The people’s commitment to attending their workshops.

– The children’s attitude to attending the centre and following programs presented to them.

– The increase of work pressure on the centre’s staff.

– The increase in the number of cases who visit the centre regularly.

– The increase of financing for the centre’s programs and activities.

– The reach of international, regional and local mass media covering the centre’s programs.


– To increase the number of benefited families from the centre’s programs and activities to suit the problem size and high rates of trauma in Gaza Strip especially among children.

– To increase the number of staff (psychologists and social workers).

– Increasing staff training and developing their performance.

– Expanding coordination among local community institutions (national & government) in laying down programmed organized policies and plans aiming to broaden the field of psychological work in all Gaza Strip areas.

– To set up specialized psychological therapy programs in the centre and to complete this work when patients re-enter their communities. 


– The siege imposed on Gaza Strip reduces the opportunity of providing psychological services and logistic assistance.

– Increased numbers of different traumatized cases have resulted from the recent invasion of Gaza. 

– The need to broaden the rapid response team and develop their professional skills.

– The urgent requests of local community institutions from (PTC) as a specialized centre.

– The urgent need to set up a specialized therapy unit for psychological cases.

– The increase of financial burdens on the centre resulting from the increased services provided to the community.

– The necessity of opening new branches in Gaza Strip governorates to facilitate the services provided to the community.

 Coordination with institutions:

 Institution  Place  Type of Coordination
Palestinian Student Welfare Association  Nuseirat Cultural sessions,love&tolerance carnival, facilitating the entertainment journey and its activities, participation in the final ceremony of the project
Developing village woman association Al-Moghragah  ِAl-Moghragah Cultural sessions. Registration of children for the journey and ceremony
Gaza Educational Area-UNRWA  Gaza Rendering psychological support activities for UNRWA schools
Ministry of Education Gaza Rendering psychological support celebration for ministry of education schools
Local Association for community services  Al-Maghazi Participation in the final ceremony project
Red Crescent Society Gaza Showing the final ceremony of the project
The women’s health centre Jabalia  Jabalia Participation in the International Health Day 2008
Educational Theatre Nuseirat Participation in the psychological support shows for children in the entertainment journey
Ambulance Central station  Gaza Protection the Children march
Mass media, localAnd world satellite channels  Gaza Covering all the projects activities
Sewar Company for media product Nuseirat Photographing all the projects activities

Good Practices and Learned Lessons

-The centre’s administration got valuable experience in writing and implementing projects to fit community needs. In addition, work with the children has been very rewarding and many children now possess creative skills to help them cope with the problems. However, a person is needed to develop, promote and sustain these activities.

-Work on building up professional and personal relations with individuals, institutions and associations has generally been successful.

-The following abilities have been acquired: bearing work pressures, ability to settle problems collectively and individually, specialization in work, using the internet more often, styles of leadership, using experience to enhance self development.

-The ability to achieve results with the least available material and human resources.

-Patience in supporting others in the community whether their attitudes are positive or negative.

-The acquisition of some skills relating to the financial and administrative side of the Centre’s work.

-The acquisition of public relations techniques of persuasion, making contacts and communication with institutions.

-Increasing the work team and training it in all fields which serve psychotherapy.

-Increasing the number of units, develop and provide all available capabilities.

-Establishing a special diploma for training psychological teams.

-Partnership is the basic principle in community work and reaching target groups.

-Inspection and accuracy in the registration of needy people lists.

-Volunteer work for delivering charitable services.

Suggested Activities for the future

– Searching for a larger centre due to the increase in activities and services needed in the community.

– Finding a piece of land to construct a building for the centre.

– Rehabilitation of the rapid response team through training courses in the psychosocial field.

– Expanding the vision and activities of rapid response team after establishing proof of its success in the Gaza Strip. (i.e. transferring the implemented project idea into a program subdivided into several projects and activities).

– The expansion of coordination with institutions and creating psychotherapy net on the local, regional and international level.

– The expansion of our services to reach all governorates in Gaza Strip and West Bank.

– To establish a specialized diploma in active learning with children and other diplomas in psychotherapy.

– To implement projects in the following fields: anti violence, active learning, procreation health male and female, training kindergarten nurses on dealing with children techniques.

– To complete preparing computer lab, gymnasium and the centre utilities.