Our Mission

The PTC works hard to foster the sense of interdependence within the family and within society. It offers guidance and support in all areas of normal life, whether educational, psychological, economic, physical or intellectual. We believe that the collective health of the population can only be achieved through this holistic approach.

The PTC has conducted scientific studies which conclude that most Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have been subjected to trauma. 41% of children and their families are suffering from serious psychological disorders.

To deal with the huge extent of this problem, it has been necessary to work from a centre which was able to provide rapid professional support and health care followed by programmes of activities to enable the families to support themselves. It is hoped that this method of operation will spread from Gaza to the West Bank, and the Palestinian diaspora in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. Furthermore, the Centre wishes to expand the number of its units and to establish a specialised clinic for research and psychiatric care. There is also a project for the development of Psycho-social drama.